Save energy,
Keep the comfort

 The easiest and fastest way of reducing your carbon footprint

Plug-and-play, easy to use, and hardware agnostic
entry-level BMS for any building

Retrofit centralization and optimization

Get the most out of your air conditioning equipment, modernizing it as a service.

Improve your employees' health

Indoor air quality significantly impacts worker comfort, productivity, and health in the short and long term.
Flair is trusted by respected employers who take the well-being of their employees seriously, such as Codelco, Universidad de Chile, and Uber. 

A partner in the net-zero challenge

Optimize the energy consumption of your spaces thanks to Flair software, reducing ventilation and air conditioning costs.

Centralized platform

A complete group of products

We bring together everything required to build healthy and safe workspaces.

Keep detailed records of your energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Why Flair?

Impact metrics

Data gathered
+ 20000
mt2 cubiertos
+ 5000
People impacted

Main clients

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